Discover the hidden history of Hartlepool in a series of exhibitions by world-renowned illustrator Jonny Hannah.  Jonny has plumbed the depths of local memory to reveal the strangest stories and most curious characters from past and recent history to present a vision of the town as it’s never been seen before.  This summer, the Museum of Hartlepool and Hartlepool Art Gallery will showcase tales of colossal crustaceans, spectacular ships and local legends which are brought to life through extraordinary paintings, prints and cut-outs.  As well as The Darktown Museum of Hartlepool Paraphernalia (or museum objects that don’t actually exist), visitors will be presented with Jonny’s selection of objects and artworks from the collection of Hartlepool Borough Council, redisplayed in the award-winning artist’s unique and compelling way.

This exhibition shines a light on one of our most fabulous clothing collections all assembled by one fashion fan: Marguerite Elliot. Originally from Hartlepool, Marguerite, collected the latest fashions, magazines and accessories while living in London during the swinging 60’s. Come and see some stunning pieces, learn all about fashion icons and designers and discover how the decade revolutionised the fashion industry.

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