20th Oct 2020

An interview with Guy Denning
In this interview we touch base with former gallery exhibitor, Guy Denning on how the lockdown has impacted his practice, upcoming exhibitions and how he’s considering adding poetry to his future shows.


 5th Oct 2020

An interview with Stuart Langley
In this interview we speak to Hartlepool’s magician of light and colour,  Stuart Langley, about life in lockdown.


 16th Sept 2020

An interview with Anita Sewell

Many artists nationwide have been affected by lockdown in different ways with some finding it has been creatively restricting. Hartlepool Gallery wanted to touch base with four artists the gallery has had the pleasure of working with to ask if this has been the case for them?



30th July 2020

Anita Sewell

After graduating in 2019 I became the artist in residence. I now, like many, find myself staying home and have been since March 18th. Unusual circumstances, but I find it an easy thing to do.

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