Pride Month Interview with Stu Langley

As part of Pride month and Kids in Museums Digital Takeover Day, we asked members of the Hartlepool LGBTQ+ Youth Group to interview our friend and artist Stu Langley. Here’s what they came up with!

What is your inspiration?
Anything that can give us a break from the monotony of daily life. As a kid I was obsessed with films like the never ending story, the dark crystal and labyrinth so I suppose fantasy appears a lot in my work.

What are the stages of your art?
I spend an awful lot of time thinking about concepts, then designing (mostly on a computer), then stepping into the real world and figuring out how to make ideas a reality. I’m fortunate to work with a lot of talented collaborators so most projects involve a lot of planning, testing, failing and trying again until something magic happens.

Why did you get into art?
For me and a lot of others, art is a means of creating outside of common rules – I imagine and create things to punctuate the boredom and anxiety-inducing nature of the day. It also helps keep me sane-ish.

Where are you most productive?
On my own, thinking and planning.

Can you do/draw skulls? Show us!
I can draw but I tend to rely on the computer nowadays to sketch ideas – I’ve done a quick digital skull for you!