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An illustrated 45-minute introduction to what conservators do. The talk includes general background on the historic use and development of artists’ materials, the ageing process of paintings and prevention of; with examples of projects undertaken; and the challenges faced by art gallery staff and conservators in preserving and displaying a public art collection. The talk will also include images of painting that have been recently conserved for Hartlepool Borough Council for the Century exhibition.

Andrew initially trained in drawing and painting, with post-graduate studies in the conservation of easel paintings. Early in his career, he was fortunate to have been granted several prestigious awards, including the National Gallery Conservation Bursary (involving placement in the paintings conservation departments at the National Gallery, London) and the Winston Churchill Fellowship. He is a fully accredited member of the United Kingdom Institute for Conservation and was recently appointed as a paintings conservation specialist for Hiscox Insurance.

Initially working as an artist, he was later employed as a museum-based paintings conservator and then as curator of art, before being appointed as the head of the picture department at Bonhams Auctioneers, North East. Since 2003 he has concentrated on his passion for working with artists, as well as developing his interests in artists’ materials and techniques, and the conservation of paintings.


Borough Hall

Town Hall Theatre

Museum of Hartlepool

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