Practice; an exhibition


1st September – 12th September


Main Gallery


Multiple artists

About the Exhibition

A collaboration between a select group of practitioners and lecturers from The Northern School of Art, showcase a diverse range of disciplines including fine art, sculpture, graphic design and typography, photography and print-making.

The Northern School of Art is renowned for its practitioners and educators who deliver the highest calibre of artistic practice within a specialist independent art school for higher education. An exciting showcase will present a collaboration between a select group of practitioners and lecturers, delivering a coherent exhibition of their creative success and research.

With a theme ‘Practice’, the exhibition will deliver a diverse range of disciplines, communicating the art and industry merger. Contributing to the visual conversation will include artists Tony Charles (Curator), Jonathan Chapman & Katy Curran (Fine Art); Olivia Watson & Paul Clay (Graphic Design); Jamie Mcdonald, Antony Chambers & Jill Cole (Photography) and Kathryn Bell (Print).

View the Exhibition Catalogue here.