The history of the trust

The trust was born from the Preston Simpson Scholarship in Music and the Sterndale Scholarship for girls. 
The Preston Simpson Scholarship was set up in 1917 to benefit aspiring young Hartlepool Musicians in memory of Mrs Simpson’s son, Sergeant Preston Simpson. Sergeant Preston Simpson was a celebrated local young musician who sadly perished in the trenches in WWI at the age of 24 on May 12th, 1917.
The Sterndale Scholarship for girls was set up in 1958 by Miss Isabel Sterndale, who expressed a wish in her will that young women be awarded a monetary amount to further their education in music. 
The scholarships amalgamated on 21st August 2010 to form the Preston Simpson and Sterndale Young Musicians Trust, which is administered by Hartlepool Borough Council.

About the trust

The trust has played a significant role in the musical education of young people in Hartlepool by providing them with the necessary financial assistance to pursue their musical careers. This support helps them overcome financial hurdles and contributes significantly to the local arts and culture scene by enabling the development of talented young musicians. A total sum of approximately £7000 is given away each year for grants.

Annual Awards Concert

The trustees give annual awards to young people and also host the awards at The Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre. The musicians perform throughout the evening and are granted their awards at the end of the concert. 

How to apply for a grant

To apply for a grant from the Preston Simpson and Sterndale Young Musicians’ Trust in Hartlepool, applicants must first ensure they meet the specific eligibility criteria set by the Trust, which includes residency or educational requirements, and a demonstrated commitment to pursuing music. The application process involves submitting a detailed application form available on the Trust’s website or by request, which may require personal information, educational background, musical achievements, and a statement of purpose outlining how the grant will support the applicant’s musical development. 
Additionally, applicants might be asked to provide references or evidence of their musical talents, such as recordings or performance videos. It’s crucial to carefully review all guidelines and deadlines provided by the Trust to ensure a complete and timely application. Following submission, applicants may also need to prepare for an interview or audition as part of the selection process.
Please note: The deadline has now passed to submit for a grant in 2024

Previous winner from the Preston Simpson and Sterndale Young Musicians’ Trust.